Factair Air Breathing Systems


Factair produces a range of breathing-air distribution panels and systems ideal for the control, monitoring and distribution of breathing-air to users wearing masks and BA suits. 
Factair has produced a specifically designed range of panels or supply breathing-air to air fed suits in the nuclear decommissioning industry. 
Mounted on a manoeuvrable trolley, with flow distribution points easily accessible at waist height these units incorporate electronic mass flow meters with the facility to ‘fine tune’ each output. 
A sophisticated alarm system allows each flow channel to be pre-set with its own airflow parameters. To improve user comfort the distribution panels can also be supplied with integral chiller / heater options to adjust the temperature of the breathing-air being supplied to each air fed suit. 
Directly compatible with Factair's range of engine driven breathing-air compressors, the F2025A is designed for users working at an extended distance from their supply source, to make the unit highly portable it is mounted within a wheeled PELI case. 
These units allow breathing-air to be supplied to the working location using a single larger airline and features a pneumatically powered alarm, visual warning indicator and pressure gauges. 
F2025A Flow Distribution Panels Breathing Air Testing

F2025A Flow Distribution Panels 

F2274 Chilled Air Digital Flow Distribution Panel, Breathing Air Testing

F2274 Chilled Air Digital Flow Distribution Panel 

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