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F4500 Safe-Air Tester For Breathing-Air Systems 

The F4500 Safe Air Tester is the latest generation of Factair’s market leading air quality testing instruments and enables breathing-air tests to be conducted easily and quickly. This ensures complete compliance with the relevant requirements of COSHH L5. 
Mounted within a tough impact and weather resistant PELI case the F4500 unit can be removed from the case and used as a stand-alone unit, where this makes testing more convenient. 
F4500 Safe-Air Testers are fitted with internal lithium rechargeable batteries and in addition also have a battery tray which accommodates 6 AA alkaline type batteries. In the event that the rechargeable batteries are not sufficiently recharged then you can continue to use the instrument with either the Alkaline AA batteries or a mains power supply. 
The unit features a colour touch screen, menu driven display, making air quality testing both easy and quick to complete, with a typical test taking about 10 minutes. The detection parameters of EN12021:2014 are met or exceeded during the automatically controlled test by the use of Draeger detector tubes to establish levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and water. For oil the instrument can use either the Draeger Impactor or oil tube. 
The new Draeger Impactor has no glass or hazard components and can test for all known synthetic and mineral oils. An 
inbuilt electronic sensor measures oxygen content and the percentage concentration is displayed, whilst an electronic flowmeter allows airflows of up to 600 l/min to be verified. 
The unit is designed to test low-pressure airline breathing systems but can be used with the F3002 high-pressure regulator assembly to test HP cylinders. Factair’s quality accredited instrument workshop provides recalibration and servicing for the unit. In fact a testimony to the robustness and quality of Factair’s Safe-Air Testers is that units over 10 years old are still in daily use. 
At the end of each test results can be stored within the F4500’s memory (up to 20 tests can be stored) and then downloaded via the USB cable into PC compatible software which is available to download from Factair’s website. This software provides an easy way to retain and print test results. 
Factair F4500 Safe-Air Tester For Breathing-Air Systems

Safe-Air Tester results download software 

Sample breathing-air test result certificate 


Carbon Monoxide 
-ref 6728511 
5 -150 ppm 
Carbon Dioxide 
-ref 6728521 
100 - 3000 ppm 
-ref 6728531 
Selectable range of 5 mg/m3 – 200 mg/m3 or 
50 mg/m3 – 2000 mg/m3 subject to system type 
Oil (Impactor) 
-ref 8103530 
0.1 mg/m3 – 1.0mg/m
Oil (tube) 
-ref 6728371 
Oxygen Cell 
0 to 30% 
Digital Flow Meter 
0 to 600 l/min 
180 mm 
470 mm 
360 mm 
7.5 Kg 

Included as standard 

F2187 Tube Tip Cutter 
F2193 CEJN 342 / Rectus 96 KS 
Connection Adapter. 
Travel Container for 
Used Detector Tubes. 
USB A to Male USB B 
Connection Cable 


High Pressure Regulator Up to 300 bar 
(Included as standard with F4501 and F4501 ED) 
6728371 Oil 6728531 H2O 6728511 CO 6728521 CO
8103530 Draeger Oil Impactor 
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