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F6000 Safe-Air Tester 

The F6000 enables breathing-air tests to be easily and quickly carried out without the need for any chemical reagent tubes, making the unit ideal for use in environments where glass products are not permitted.  
The F6000 features a intuitive touch screen display, making air quality testing to the requirements of EN12021:2014, or altrenative intenraitonal standards both easy and quick to complete, with a typical test taking approximately 15 minutes. It incorporates electronic cells for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. Moisture levels within the breathing air are measured by a dewpoint sensor, which is specially suited to sample air quality testing, ensuring an accurate moisture reading within the standard test time. It also includes an electronic flowmeter for measuring air flow rates a digital display for airline pressure and ambient temperature reading. Oil measurements are completed using the Draeger Impactor, which is inserted into a test port on the instrument. 
At the end of each test, results can be stored within the F6000 memory and then retrieved on screen and downloaded, via a USB cable, to a PC. The unit is designed to test low-pressure airline breathing systems but can be used with the F3002 high-pressure regulator assembly to test HP cylinders. Factair’s quality accredited instrument workshop provides recalibration and servicing for the unit. 
Factair F6000 Safe-Air Tester
210 mm 
215 mm 
75 mm 
1.6 Kg 


8103530 Draeger Oil Impactor 
F3002 High Pressure Regulator Up to 300 bar (Included as standard with the 

Other Factair Breathing Air Quality Testing Instruments 

F6001 High Pressure Safe Air Testers 
Designed specifically for high pressure systems, the F6001 come complete with the F3002 regulator to reduce the pressure from a maximum of 300 bar. The instruments utilises the same sensor technology as the F6000 and features an odour check facility in the place of the digital flowmeter. 
F6100 Safe-Air Monitor 
Designed to provide on-line breathing-air quality monitoring the F6100 features the same key features as the F6000 but with additional datalogging features and remote alarm and SMS text output options to notify users when periodic oil Impactor tests are required or breathing-air standard limits have been exceeded. 
F4500 Safe-Air Testers 
These instruments are designed to test low-pressure airline breathing systems utilising Draeger chemical reagent tubes and the oil Impactor. They can also be used with the F3002 high-pressure regulator assembly to test HP cylinders. Both units have an inbuilt electronic sensor with digital readout measures oxygen content, whilst an electronic flowmeter allows airflows of up to 600 l/min to be verified. 
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