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FAC0709 Mobile Breathing-Air System 

The FAC0709 mobile breathing-air system has been specially designed to provide safe breathing-air supply for operatives working in hazardous atmospheres such as those in the nuclear and petrochemical industries. 
.It provides a breathing air supply of up to 2,900 litres per minute and in the event of a mains power failure, or failure of the primary compressor will continue to supply this capacity from an HP reserve air system to enable suit wearers to reach a place of safety.  
The compressed air is supplied from a variable speed drive Kaeser rotary screw compressor unit that has the advantage of a low electrical starting current requirement and the economy provided by the provision of a variable speed control that responds to changes in air demand. The compressed air supplied is purified to breathing air standard by a 5-stage filtration and drying system that will provide breathing quality air well in excess of the criteria stated in EN: 12021: 2014, dry to a -40°C pressure dewpoint and provide active suppression of CO and CO2. 
The HP reserve air system consists of 4 off 89 litre capacity 300bar storage cylinders that have a total stored capacity of 106,000 litres. This storage system will be automatically re-charged when the minimum safe set point is reached by a Bauer 250 LPM capacity 300 bar HP charging compressor. 
In the event of a mains power failure, or failure of the primary compressor the reserve air supply will be activated by a fully pneumatic control system and an audible/visual alarm will sound within the trailer, additionally the breathing air supply will switch from 7.5 bar to 5.5 bar enabling any pressure sensitive equipment downstream (such as Factair flow distribution panels) to recognise this change in pressure and repeat the alarms locally 
Factair FAC0709 Mobile Breathing-Air System
Operating Pressure 
22 kW / 3 
phase /400V 
2900 l/min 
10 bar 
1 no. 
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