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FM31E Electric Mobile Breathing-Air System 

The FM31E has been specially designed to provide safe breathing-air supply for operatives working in hazardous environments. The 3 phase electrically powered road towable unit provides a breathing air supply of up to 2300LPM from either its 4 no. regulated CEJN342 profile outlets or 1 no. unregulated CEJN442 outlet. 
Based on an M31E Kaeser rotary screw compressor the unit has been specially modified by Factair for breathing-air applications. The compressed air supplied ispurified to breathing air standard by a 5-stage filtration and drying system that will provide breathing quality air well in excess of the criteria stated in EN:12021:2014, dry to a -40°C pressure dewpoint and provide active suppression of CO and CO2
In the event of a mains power failure, or failure of the primary compressor a visual/audible warning will be activated. An airline connection for an emergency breathing-air reserve is provided; should primary air supply pressure drop breathing- air will then continue to be delivered from this secondary source. 
There is also a mounting point for the Safeguard air quality monitor this unit will automatically monitor intake air quality and should readings exceed user defined limits the alarm will be activated. If the emergency breathing-air reserve is 
connected then air will be supplied from this source. 
Factair FM27E Electric Mobile Breathing-Air System


FILTRATION - 5 stage filtration including desiccant dryer, with CO and CO2 suppression, purifies air to breathing quality conforming to EN 12021:2014 The desiccant dryer reduces the dewpoint to -40°C 
CHASSIS - To full EEC regulations with overrun brakes. 
TOWING HITCH - 50 mm ball 
CAPACITY - 2600 l/min output before filtration & dryer) @ 7 barg (100 psi) 
NOISE LEVEL - 63dBA @ 10 metres 
MOTOR - 22 kW 
EARTHING CABLE - 10 metre retractable with crocodile clamp 
STANDARD FEATURES - Fully automatic ‘fail-safe' reserve from secondary BA source Interface with Safeguard air quality monitor 
GAUGES SHOW - Compressor supply pressure, Emergency reserve pressure, Regulated outlet pressure 
INFORMATION - LCD display with faults and condition status 
AUDIBLE ALARMS - Primary air supply failure, Safeguard alarm activation 
OUTLETS - 4 off regulated CEJN type 342 couplings, 1 off unregulated CEJN 442 coupling 
AUXILLIARY INLET - 1 off BA Emergency Reserve Back Up connection (16 barg maximum) 
WASTES - Integral oil water separator fitted 
WASTES Discharge from condensate autodrains gathered into a container for proper disposal 
QUALITY - The FM31E is manufactured in accordance with our Quality Assurance Procedures 
approved to ISO9001 
Free Air 
Power Level 
7 barg 
≤97 dBA 
3015mm long 
1260mm wide 
1330mm high 
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